Dress Code

Students should wear comfortable clothes that can be worn for messy activities. Please dress your student in clothes that they can easily handle themselves when going to the bathroom – if potty trained. Dress your student appropriately for the weather. Long sleeves and long pants or sweat suits are appropriate when it is chilly and short sleeves and short pants or skirts when it is warm.

All students MUST wear comfortable, well-fitting, age-appropriate shoes to school.

  • Sneakers (tennis shoes) and socks are most appropriate as feet are well protected and provide proper support for outdoor activities. (If there is a problem providing shoes for your child, we provide assistance contact your child’s teacher/Family Advocate.) 
  • No sandals, open-toed, or open-heeled shoes 
  • No heavy, hard sole or pointed toe shoes/boots are allowed as they may cause injury to others 
  • No dangling or low hanging earrings 
  • No necklaces or chains around the neck which pose a choking hazard 

Please send one extra set of clothes for the student to keep in his or her cubby. This should include shorts, pants, or skirt, top or T-shirt, underwear and socks. We will change the student into the extra clothes if he or she requires it for any reason. Soiled clothes will be sent home in a plastic bag for you to wash. Please return another spare set for the cubby on the following school day. Please label all extra clothes, sweaters, and jackets with the student’s first and last name with a permanent marker. Please do not allow your student to wear fancy/costly jewelry or rings to school (we are not responsible for lost items). Clothing that has suggestive, inappropriate or gang related insignia or writing is not allowed.

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